Who we are.

Welcome to STIERIUS – Bodo Stier Hydrotechnik GmbH.

STIERIUS – This trademark-protected brand name was already known in the 1920´s.
At that time, bicycles were manufactured manually.

In 1968, Bodo Stier Hydrotechnik GmbH was founded. From that date, the brand name STIERIUS became known in the field of BRAKE SERVICE DEVICES and, since then, has stood for unmatchable quality and performance in this segment.

As the company founder Bodo Stier can be called a "pioneer" when it comes to brake bleeders, STIERIUS must also be referred to as the one and only ORIGINAL!

Since the business was handed over in 2006, it has been run by his son Gerrit J. Stier. The company is based in Oberndorf on the Neckar river, Germany, embedded between the Black Forest and the Swabian Mountains. From there, our products are developed and produced by our long-term workforce and sold by our worldwide distribution partners.

All of us have one common goal in mind: positioning STIERIUS as global quality and market leader and securing the customer relationships with innovative products at the highest level on a sustained basis. For this reason, we develop and manufacture all of our products only in Germany.
For us, "made in Germany" is a promise which means for you: reliability, innovation and highest quality!

We appreciate your interest in our products and are looking forward to supplying you with our service devices, wherever in the world you are.

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