Type Europa-Electronic-Hermetic


  • Item no. 3-0085
  • The brake fluid is hermetically separated from the outside air. A reduction in the boiling point is excluded
  • One-man operation
  • Leakage test of the braking system in the low-pressure range
  • Suitable for all ABS systems (including EDS, ESP and SBC systems) and hydraulic clutches
  • Pulsating fluid stream

Technical Data Europa-Electronic-Hermetic:

Tank capacity: 15 litres
Filling hose length: 3,5 m
Power cable length: 5,0 m
Power supply/power output: 230V/50-60Hz/230W
Regulated pressure range: 0 – 3,5 bar infinitely variable
Automatic low fluid level-stop: YES
H x W x D: 700 x 450 x 400
Weight: 23 kgs
Working area temperature: 0°C – +45°C